Husky Loops, The Lexington, London, February 20, 2018

Husky Loops is an Italian three-piece band based in London. The trio, Danio (vocals and guitar), Pietro (drums and samples), and Tommaso (bass), dress in black and play songs built on funky grooves and metallic riffs.

Tonight they play The Lexington, a somewhat smaller venue than the ones they’ve been recently playing while supporting Placebo on their arena tour. But that’s the fate of being a band that’s starting to make waves. You fluctuate between the more prominent and the smaller jobs – one moment you have to try and win over someone else’s audience in a big venue, and the next, you are headlining a venue the size of the stage you played a few nights ago. That contrast must be a bit of a mindfuck. But there’s no sign of the band feeling mindfucked in tonight’s performance.

Husky Loops come across as a confident band, secure in their sound and with their style. Many bands don’t like comparisons with other bands’ sounds, but I guess it’s human nature to find reference points when trying to understand and describe something.

Depending on our former reference points and our education and knowledge, different people might hear the same piece of music differently. If I have to explain what Husky Loops sound like, based on my limited knowledge of them, the first reference point that comes to mind is a blend of Franz Ferdinand and Chemical Brothers.

Though the Huskies are pretty new to me, and I can’t name any of their songs, they have a bit of a following in the audience who know the songs better than I do and respond very enthusiastically. Their music is funky, edgy, and fantastic to dance to, and the gig gets people going from start to finish.

Husky Loops setlist
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